Safe Transportation: Chariot and RideAustin Fill a Void in Downtown Austin

West 6th brings you safe ride options to allow for hopping around town in partnership with Chariot and RideAustin.

The West 6th Business Association has worked with Chariot to launch a month-long limited nighttime route in Austin, which is Chariot’s first late-night offering serving people going to bars and restaurants on weekends.

Chariot will run service each Friday and Saturday night, 10pm to 1am, between the Rainey Street and West 6th Street nightlife areas. Chariot’s 14-passenger shuttles will arrive at stops every 30 minutes, and riders will be able to view the pickup and drop off locations via live tracking in the Chariot app. The new service was created in partnership with the West Sixth Business Association to test new mobility solutions to support local businesses in both neighborhoods and provide a convenient option for residents and visitors traveling between the two high-traffic areas. Cost per ride is $3.50 per person, and new riders can get their first five rides free by signing up with the promo code WEST6TH.

The West 6th Business Association, whose mission is to reintroduce Austinites to the plethora of offerings on West 6th, is exploring creative mobility solutions to mitigate transportation and parking issues that are impacting business. With the recent launch of Chariot services in Austin, the group sought the connector service out to flesh out a first-of-its-kind service to support locals wanting to explore different areas of town without hassle. The high percentages of residences on Rainey, in addition to nearby parking and walkability to the East Side, and proximity to the live music district make Rainey a logical bounce point for revelers and diners looking for safe, efficient commutes to the West Side of downtown. In addition to these locations, the route will include bus stops at Republic Square and stops one block from the downtown MetroRail stop, providing a safe and convenient last mile transit option.

This potential solution gives patrons the flexibility to roam Austin more easily, attend business or social functions in the same night with ease, starting and ending the night on West 6th. We want to mitigate some limitations and open the lines between entertainment districts so our patrons explore and enjoy what everyone has to offer.

The second mobility solution that addresses issues of getting home safely. The group has partnered with RideAustin to establish waiting zones to limit wait times and increase accessibility for patrons needing safe rides. An official pickup location is still in the works, but there are talks with valet companies to rent spots are underway. Additionally, RideAustin will have a few spots on the 700 block this month.

“It is wonderful to see the West 6th District proactively encourage their patrons to make a plan to get home safe, and we’re happy to be part of the solution.” – Ivan Benavides, RideAustin